Citizenship Statement

Many corporations develop policies for an umbrella of activities called Good Citizenship, Corporate Responsibility or Sustainability. They look outside the scope of the central business (in our case, orthodontics) and evaluate how they support the people and the environment of their communities.

We embrace our community by supporting local and national charity events and activities.

Dr. Foley Named To National Board

The following article appeared in the Business Section of the Daily Herald on 6/15/15:
Written by Daily Herald Staff

The American Association of Orthodontists house of delegates elected Dr. Patrick F. Foley of Lake Zurich, to serve as a director of the American Board of Orthodontics.

The ABO is the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by the American Dental Association and sponsored by the AAO.

What does “medical necessity” mean?

Q:  When I tried to use our new orthodontic benefit for my daughter, the orthodontist said she wouldn’t get approved for coverage because her case wasn’t “medically necessary.”  Her teeth look very crooked to me.  Can you discuss?


A:  As parents, we want our children to have nice straight teeth. 

Why does my son need two phases of orthodontic treatment when my niece does not?

Why does my son need two phases of orthodontic treatment when my niece does not?  Can’t we just skip the first phase and straighten his teeth when he’s a teenager? 

When children are about seven years old, they have a mixture of adult and baby teeth.  Their front teeth are big and they have their permanent six year molars. 

What makes a face attractive?

Q: What makes a face attractive?

A: Let’s start by saying a beautiful face can be unattractive if it doesn’t have any energy shining through! True and enduring beauty does come from within. Thoughts, words and actions go a long way towards making most faces animated and attractive.

Having said that,

How Do I Avoid Staining My Braces?

Staining occurs when slightly porous materials come in sustained contact with pigmented solutions.  Good examples of pigmented liquids include purple grape juice, red wine, and brown tea.  Other examples might be a red throat lozenge that is slowly dissolved, turning it into a liquid that can flow over the teeth, or red spaghetti sauce.

We are assuming you are concerned about potential staining at your front teeth and your front braces. 


The orthodontic topic for today is DECALCIFICATION. We want to explain it and then tell you how it can be prevented. Decalcification is the loss of protective minerals in a tooth’s enamel. (In serious cases, it can lead to an early cavity.) Just like a piece of marble is etched when you leave vinegar on it,

Participating in the LZ Area Business Expo

In March, Dr. Foley and some of his staff had a booth at the Lake Zurich Chamber of Commerce EXPO. Because it was on St. Patrick’s Day and because Dr. Foley just happens to be Irish from head-to-toe, they had fun playing games with the families who attended. Thank you to all those that came to the LZ Area Business Expo and saw Foley Orthodontics.