All aboard! The Foley Trolley is pulling into the station and we want you to be on it!

The Kid’s Club is for young children who are not yet ready for braces. As a member there will be times when you’ll get to ring the authentic antique Trolley Bell we have hanging  in the office! The very first time is when you become a member of the Kid’s Club.

(Ding Ding!) At that time, you’ll also get your picture taken with “our crew” and get your official Kid’s Club Trolley T-shirt. You’ill get to put your name in the Trolley Ticket Box from which we periodically draw names for prizes. Your odds of winning are excellent!

When the time comes for you to be examined for orthodontics, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our Pre-Orthodontic Guidance Program and come in for regular complementary examinations with Dr. Foley. He will monitor the growth and development of your jaws and teeth. The goal of this program is to ensure that you are on your way to a beautiful, healthy smile.

When the time comes to get your braces on, you’ll get to ring the trolley bell again. (DING DING!)You’ll have graduated from the Kid’s Club and our Pre-Orthodontics Program and you’ll get a different Foley Orthodontics t-shirt and some other neat things. While you’re in braces, check out our website for contests and links to games. Also, plan the elastic colors for each appointment on our Color Planner page.

One last opportunity to ring the trolley bell comes when your braces are removed. (DING DING DING!) This is a great way to let the entire office know that you finally have a smile that you can carry with you with pride and confidence. And, just think – it all started with the Kid’s Club!