Rubber Bands

Separators are circles of rubber that Dr. Foley puts between molars a week or so before he puts the metal bands on the back teeth. They gently create a small amount of space between the teeth to allow for the width of the band. If your separator falls out within a day or so of having it placed, please call the office and let us know. We will let you know if you need to swing by for a new one. If it falls out a few days before your banding appointment, don’t worry about it. That just means your teeth are ready for the banding!

Rubber bands are a vital part of treatment. If you need them, they are the “muscles” that get things done. They add extra pressure to the braces to help move the teeth. Generally worn at all times (excluding eating and brushing your teeth), rubber bands should be changed at least once a day. They come in various sizes as they are each used for a specific purpose. We will provide you with the appropriate size. Scroll down to see video animations of some commonly used elastics.

You should always carry extra rubber bands with you in the event one breaks. If you run out, please call us immediately and we will supply you with more.

It is important to wear them consistently or treatment setbacks may occur. If only one day is missed, it could cause your teeth to shift back to their original position! We have other animations available if you are interested in any of the following: Elastic Tooth Separator, Anterior Cross Elastics, Box Elastics, Crossbite, and Triangle Elastics.