What makes a face attractive?

Q: What makes a face attractive?

A: Let’s start by saying a beautiful face can be unattractive if it doesn’t have any energy shining through! True and enduring beauty does come from within. Thoughts, words and actions go a long way towards making most faces animated and attractive.

Having said that, there has been some research to determine which features make a face attractive to people and we are going to list them here! In 2007, the Journal of the American Dental Association published a Norwegian study in which patients looked at photographs of faces and prioritized which features made those faces attractive.
From Most Important Feature to Least Important Feature, they were:

TEETH, Eyes, Skin, Hair, Lips, Nose, Eyebrows,
Chin, Head Shape, Ears and Hairline.

81.5% said straight white teeth and healthy gums are definitely important to overall attractiveness. Aside from the benefits of better chewing and less whole-body inflammation, there are well documented social benefits. It has even been shown that people with better smiles have higher incomes!

And sadly, as we shared on facebook last week, bullied preteens believe their unattractive teeth are the main reason they get targeted by bullies.img_3 Some parents think their kids don’t pay attention to their teeth, but we have observed just the opposite. They are very aware. It is always gratifying for our staff to begin treatment on a young person who seems withdrawn and witness how they blossom with great eye contact as their new smiles are revealed!