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Dr. Foley with his son

Meet Dr. John Foley

Your Cary Orthodontist

Dr. John Foley is passionate about creating healthy, beautiful smiles. You and your family will always get the time and attention you deserve.

Dr. John will customize your treatment plan around your unique lifestyle and goals when creating your treatment plan.

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Triangle Smiles

Foley Orthodontics is a proud partner of Triangle Smiles, a local charity dedicated to providing free orthodontic care to patients in need.

Triangle Smiles was created with the goal of helping those without access to orthodontic care enjoy the confidence that comes with a straight, beautiful smile!

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Cary Patients Love Dr. Foley

Dr. Foley is always personable, nice and caring. - Jennifer S.

Dr Foley is patient and thorough and always friendly. - Tiffani M.

Dr. Foley answered all our questions. I highly recommend this orthodontist. - James P.

I am so sad that I am done with treatment! I love this place, especially DR FOLEY!!! He seriously makes you feel so welcome, comfortable and cared for, and you leave with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I have very sensitive teeth and Dr. Foley would go above and beyond to make sure that he wasn't hurting me. Seriously going to miss this place! - Kristin Z.

I have four children, all in braces or appliances, and they all enjoy Dr. Foley.

He was especially good at keeping my seven-year-old calm when installing her palate expander. - K. S.

Dr. Foley and his staff were compassionate and professional when treating both of my children and one of my kids had a complicated case. I feel confident in his assessment of what needs to be done. I would definitely recommend them again! - Meg D.

Dr Foley has even called after hours to check on my kids when they had their braces put on! - Ricci M.

Dr. Foley actually sits next to you not across from you when he is explaining what the game plan is - Bomantas

At the consult my daughter got the warm and fuzzies and Dr. Foley was great! Glad we've found our orthodontist! - Georgette B.