Am I Too Old For Braces?

Have you ever wondered if you’re “too old” for braces? At Foley Orthodontics, we believe that age should never be a barrier to achieving your dream smile! Dr. John Foley and our experienced team are here to guide you through the world of adult orthodontics, where the benefits of a straighter, healthier smile are within your reach, no matter your age. In this blog post, we’ll explore the possibilities and dispel common misconceptions about adult orthodontic treatment.


Benefits of Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is not limited to adolescents. Adult orthodontics offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved Oral Health: Adult orthodontic treatment goes beyond aesthetics. Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of dental issues like cavities and gum disease. This can lead to a healthier, more confident smile in the long term.
  • Enhanced Confidence: A beautiful smile can have a profound impact on self-esteem and social interactions. Many adults who have completed orthodontic treatment report feeling more self-assured and satisfied with their appearance.
  • Longevity: The benefits of orthodontic treatment extend well beyond the duration of your treatment plan. This means both time and cost savings, ensuring a more comfortable and hassle-free dental journey in the years to come!
  • Speech Improvement: Correcting misalignments in your teeth and jaws can enhance your ability to communicate effectively. This is particularly important in personal and professional settings, where confident communication is key.
  • Discreet Options: Modern orthodontic solutions offer discreet treatment options, including sleeker and less noticeable braces. These options prioritize your comfort and aesthetics while you work towards a straighter smile.
  • Comfort and Efficiency: Advanced orthodontic technology has made treatment more comfortable and efficient. While you may experience some initial soreness, it typically subsides within a few days. Treatment duration varies based on individual needs, but our team will work with you to create a plan that aligns with your goals and timeline.

In essence, investing in your smile as an adult is an investment in your overall well-being and quality of life. When it comes to adult orthodontic treatment, you have several options to choose from, each catering to your unique preferences and needs:


Am I Too Old For Braces?

Types of Braces for Adults

  • Traditional Braces: Modern advancements have transformed traditional braces into a more comfortable and visually appealing option. They continue to be highly reliable and effective in addressing a wide range of dental issues.
  • Clear Aligners: Clear aligners offer an almost invisible method for discreetly aligning your teeth. Crafted to fit your smile perfectly, these custom-made aligners are not only comfortable but also conveniently removable, allowing you to maintain your daily routines with ease.
  • InBrace Hidden Treatment: InBrace introduces a revolutionary approach by placing brackets discreetly on the backs of your teeth. This design ensures that your orthodontic treatment remains entirely hidden, providing a confidential path to a beautifully aligned smile!
  • Lightforce Clear Braces: LightForce clear braces combine the effectiveness of traditional braces with a touch of modern aesthetics. Featuring 3D-printed brackets made from transparent ceramic material, these braces offer an appealing option for those seeking both efficiency and a more inconspicuous treatment.


Dr. Foley and our team at Foley Orthodontics are committed to tailoring your treatment to your individual preferences and requirements, ensuring a smile transformation that aligns with your goals. Whether you choose traditional braces, clear aligners, InBrace hidden braces, or Lightforce clear braces, you can trust our team to provide you with the best orthodontic care tailored to your preferences.

Why Consider Adult Orthodontics?

Your smile is the first thing other people around Cary notice about you. You’re never too old to benefit from orthodontic treatment. Today, adults make up about one in every five orthodontic patients at Foley Orthodontics, and here’s why:

  • Maintaining Dental Health: If you leave misaligned teeth untreated, you may end up with other dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. You may also notice difficulty chewing or abnormal wear on the surface of your teeth.
  • Looking Good: Dr. Foley can use orthodontic treatment to correct crooked teeth or spaces that you’ve been self-conscious about for years. It can give you the confidence and pride that come with straight teeth and a great smile.
  • Your Teeth Can Shift: Believe it or not, your teeth don’t stop moving after your teen years. Teeth that seemed straight and aligned in youth could have shifted later in life. This can lead to jaw pain, trouble brushing, or a smile you’re unhappy with.


Am I Too Old For Braces?

FAQs About Adult Orthodontics

  1. Can I get braces as an adult?
  • Absolutely! Adult orthodontics are more common than ever. Many adults opt for orthodontic treatment to improve their oral health, appearance, and overall quality of life.
  1. Are there discreet options for adult braces?
  • Yes, there are discreet options such as clear aligners and hidden braces (InBrace) that make orthodontic treatment less noticeable.
  1. How long does adult orthodontic treatment take?
  • The duration varies based on individual needs, but most treatments typically take between 18 months to 3 years.
  1. Does adult orthodontic treatment hurt?
  • You may experience some initial discomfort, but it usually subsides within a few days. Modern orthodontic technology has made treatments more comfortable than ever.
  1. Is it worth investing in adult orthodontics?
  • Yes, the benefits include improved oral health, enhanced confidence, and a lasting, beautiful smile. Investing in your smile is an investment in your overall well-being.
  1. How do I start my orthodontic journey as an adult?
  • Contact us for a free consultation, where Dr. Foley will assess your unique needs and recommend the best treatment plan for you.


Am I Too Old For Braces?

Your Dream Smile Awaits!

Age should never be a barrier to achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, orthodontic treatment can benefit you in numerous ways, from oral health to self-confidence. Contact Foley Orthodontics today and begin your journey towards a smile you’ll be proud of, no matter your age!