What Is InBrace?

You’ve probably heard of or seen metal braces or Invisalign clear aligners. You’ve probably even seen clear braces before too! But have you ever seen InBrace hidden braces? Probably not, and that’s the point! Foley Orthodontics wants to tell you about another orthodontic treatment option by answering the question, “What is InBrace?” 

What Is InBrace?

Like most things, there’s always been a balancing act between benefits and aesthetics in orthodontics. Many patients desire a treatment that offers both the reliability of traditional braces and the subtlety of modern solutions. This is where lingual braces, like our InBrace option, come into play.

Unlike the conventional braces prominently placed on the front of your teeth, lingual braces are uniquely positioned behind them. This placement means that while you’re undergoing treatment, it remains unseen by those around you.

InBrace’s lingual braces is a cutting-edge orthodontic treatment that is as inconspicuous as it is efficient—but don’t let its discreet nature fool you. InBrace is powered by personalized Smartwire technology. This Smartwire, tailored specifically for your dental structure, works diligently behind the scenes (literally!) to guide your teeth to their ideal positions. 

The beauty of InBrace lies in its triple promise: it offers the robustness and precision of traditional orthodontic methods while ensuring that your treatment journey remains a personal and private experience without disturbing your lifestyle. 

It’s a blend of tradition and innovation, designed for those who seek effective results without the visible trappings of orthodontic work.

The InBrace Process

The InBrace journey at Foley Orthodontics is a seamless and patient-centric experience. It begins with a detailed digital scan of your teeth, capturing every nuance to create a precise 3D image. This interactive model is the blueprint for Dr. Foley to design your personalized Smartwire. Once crafted, Dr. Foley meticulously places the Smartwire behind your teeth, setting the stage for your transformative journey.

The coolest part about the Smartwire is that it works on autopilot. Whereas traditional metal braces need wires adjusted and clear aligners require different aligners, InBrace’s Smartwire already knows exactly what to do! You won’t have to worry about coming in for wire adjustments, so you’ll spend less time in our chair and more time doing things you want to do!

You’ve probably heard of or seen metal braces or Invisalign clear aligners or even clear braces. But what is InBrace?

Lifestyle Benefits Of InBrace

Choosing InBrace at Foley Orthodontics is not just about achieving a perfect smile; it’s also about enjoying a hassle-free treatment journey. Here are some of the standout lifestyle advantages:

Eat with Freedom:

Traditional braces often come with a list of foods to avoid, such as crunchy apples or sticky candies. With InBrace’s behind-the-teeth placement, there are no such restrictions. Enjoy your favorite meals without a second thought.

Effortless Oral Hygiene:

No more navigating around brackets and wires during your brushing and flossing routine. InBrace allows for straightforward oral care so your teeth remain healthy throughout the treatment. 

Confidence in Social Situations:

Whether it’s a business meeting, a date, or a casual get-together, InBrace ensures your orthodontic treatment remains your little secret. Smile, laugh, and speak confidently, knowing your audience will be none-the-wiser.

No Treatment Pauses:

With removable aligners, there’s always the temptation to leave them out for extended periods, potentially delaying results. InBrace, being fixed, continuously works on perfecting your smile without any interruptions.

Embracing InBrace means choosing a treatment that seamlessly integrates with your daily life, guaranteeing your journey to a perfect smile is as smooth as possible.

Who Is InBrace For?

InBrace is a versatile orthodontic solution designed to cater to a wide range of dental needs. But who exactly stands to benefit the most from this innovative treatment?

  • Teens and Adults Seeking Discretion: For many, especially adults and older teenagers, traditional braces can be daunting due to aesthetic concerns. InBrace offers an effective and nearly invisible solution, making it a preferred choice for those who want to keep their treatment under wraps.
  • Patients with Diverse Malocclusions: Whether it’s a simple spacing issue or a more complex bite problem, InBrace is adept at treating a variety of malocclusions, ensuring tailored care for each individual.
  • Busy Lifestyles: The reduced need for adjustment office visits with InBrace is a slam dunk for those juggling hectic schedules. The treatment integrates seamlessly into daily life, demanding minimal interruptions.
  • Commitment to Optimal Results: InBrace is for those who are dedicated to achieving the best possible results. Its continuous, gentle pressure means consistent progress toward a perfect smile.

In essence, InBrace is for anyone who desires a blend of secrecy, efficiency, and top-tier orthodontic care, making it a popular choice at Foley Orthodontics.

You’ve probably heard of or seen metal braces or Invisalign clear aligners or even clear braces. But what is InBrace?

Start Your InBrace Journey With Foley Orthodontics!

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For those that don’t qualify for InBrace, don’t worry! We also have metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign!

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