Which Orthodontic Treatment Is Right For Me?

If you don’t like how your smile looks or suffer from physical health issues due to a bad bite, you likely qualify for orthodontic care. If you are unsure which orthodontic treatment is right for you, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. There are many options available, each with its pros and cons, and narrowing down the options can be challenging, especially if you qualify for more than one!

At Foley Orthodontics, we want you to feel confident in your choice, and that begins with information. To learn a little about each of our treatment options, keep reading!

Metal Braces

When you think about aligning your teeth and smile, you likely think of metal braces. The easily recognizable bonded appliance contains a wire, ligatures (colorful elastics), and metal brackets. The brackets are glued to the teeth, and the wire is attached using the ligatures. Dr. Foley moves your teeth by adjusting the wire.

Though not the most aesthetically pleasing treatment option, metal braces have strength and durability that allow them to treat alignment issues ranging from mild to severe. Because the brackets consist of stainless steel, nickel, and other sturdy but safe metals, this treatment option can handle intense wire tightenings and is the best at accommodating additional equipment used for jaw adjustments, like the Herbst appliance and orthodontic bands.

You must adjust your diet and oral hygiene if you wear metal braces. Eating the appropriate foods can prevent painful orthodontic emergencies, and keeping your braces clean protects your mouth’s oral health. 

Metal braces are great for patients of all age groups.

Clear Braces

Nearly identical to metal braces, clear braces work the same way with brackets, wires, and ligatures. Unlike metal braces, clear braces use brackets made from tooth-colored polycrystalline material. You can wear colorful ligatures for a neon-like effect or matching ligatures to create the illusion of clear braces.

At Foley Orthodontics, we proudly offer LightForce braces. This company custom designs and 3D prints your brackets for maximum comfort and minimal divergence. The custom brackets also allow Dr. Foley complete control over the moment of your teeth. With that precision comes great smile results!

Ceramic braces also require patients to adjust their diet and oral hygiene routine. You should also be aware that because ceramic brackets are less strong than metal, you will likely spend more time in clear braces than metal to fix the same issues because the wire adjustments are less intense.

 Clear braces allow you almost all the benefits—including the use of jaw alignment devices—of metal braces but with a more subtle appearance. If you need braces but want a more aesthetic treatment option, clear braces might be best for you. We recommend this option for adults and older teenagers.


For more flexibility in your treatment plan, consider Invisalign, the leading in-office provider of clear aligners! Like braces, clear aligners straighten the teeth by applying pressure. Unlike braces, however, clear aligners do not require brackets, wires, or ligatures and are not bonded to the teeth. Clear aligners are custom-made, transparent, removable trays almost invisible to onlookers. 

With Invisalign’s state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Foley creates a personalized treatment plan to target your specific alignment needs. Treatment can take as little as six months! 

The removability of the trays means that you can eat, drink, and perform oral hygiene as if you were not in treatment. You might have to make some minor changes to preserve the transparency of the trays, but your lifestyle will pretty much stay the same. As long you remember to wear the trays for twenty-two hours a day and clean the aligners, you will get the results you are after.

We recommend clear aligners to those with mild to medium bite needs who can handle the responsibility of a removable orthodontic appliance. An Invisalign patient needs to wear the trays as prescribed, keep up with them when they are not wearing them, and maintain them.  Invisalign has treatment plans for children, teens, and adults.

InBrace Hidden Braces

If you don’t want the responsibility of clear aligners, or you only qualify for braces but don’t like them, you might be an ideal candidate for InBrace Hidden Braces. These braces are bonded to the back of your teeth, making them completely hidden from everyone you smile at.

InBrace Hidden Braces use incredible wire technology called the Smartwire. The wire is personalized just for you and knows exactly how to move your teeth throughout the duration of your treatment. The Smartwire’s unique “S” shape also allows you to eat and floss easily and without restriction, allowing you to stick to your regular diet and oral hygiene routine! 

The wire’s gentle, continuous pressure, combined with its behind-the-teeth location, eliminates the need for wire tightening and emergency appointments. All you will need are periodic checkups to ensure success, so you will spend less time in our office and more time living your life! This option is perfect for busy, on-the-go patients who desire the utmost privacy.

Which Orthodontic Treatment Is Right For Me?Discover Which Treatment You Qualify For At Foley Orthodontics!

Learning that you or your children need orthodontic treatment can be nerve-wracking at first. Knowing the right way to go can be tricky with so many treatment options available. 

Fortunately, Dr. Foley and his team have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to provide the whole family with a pleasant treatment experience and beautiful but functional smile results.

If you are ready to begin your orthodontic journey, schedule your free in-person or virtual consultation with us today!  Dr. Foley and his team will examine your teeth and jaw alignment, facial structure, and overall teeth health at your appointment. Then, he will discuss the treatment options you qualify for and answer any related questions you have about the process.

If you want to learn more about us before you schedule an appointment, contact us to speak with a helpful representative. 

Foley Orthodontics is passionate about changing lives through smiles and is excited to see your transformation! We hope to see you soon!