Why see an orthodontist near me?

At Foley Orthodontics, we got into healthcare because we love helping people. Transforming a smile can change someone’s life. That responsibility is not lost on us as we work tirelessly to give you the best possible results! We know there are so many options for orthodontic care out there – some are even entirely online! – that you could go to, and we would like to take a moment to share with you how seeing a local orthodontist in your area can make a huge difference in your treatment care and experience.

You’re not just a patient. You’re family.

A smile affects more than your self-esteem. Improper teeth or jaw alignment can cause difficulty in communication, breathing struggles, digestive issues, and infection or disease. We know medical offices of any type can be intimidating, and our goal is to lessen that anxiety as much as possible. The trust our patients and community put in us is not one we take lightly, which is why when you become a patient at Foley Orthodontics, you become a part of our family. Throughout your time with us, we build a relationship with you. This connection is often missing from virtual programs or offices farther away.

From the moment you have your first phone call with us to your final appointment, we strive to provide the excellent customer service and healthcare you expect for your and your family. Dr. Foley gives every patient personalized care and information so they can make informed decisions and feel relaxed and confident during their time in our care. Our warm and inviting staff also prioritizes you and your needs every single day and encourages any and all questions you may have! 

So. Many. Treatment. Options!

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment, just like how there is not one glasses prescription that works for everybody. Some companies only offer one type of treatment, and it might not be the safest or most effective one for you. That is why we offer multiple treatment options so you and Dr. Foley can pick the best one for your alignment goals. Among our treatment options are the following:

  • Metal braces: This treatment option has rightfully earned a reputation for being reliable, durable, and able to fix even the most complex of orthodontic cases. They use metal brackets, wires, and elastic ligatures (the colorful bands that hold the wires to the brackets) to apply pressure to the teeth and move them over time. 
  • Ceramic braces: Very similar to metal braces and how they function, the most significant difference being that they use a bracket made of a ceramic blend of materials instead of metal. Ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, use tooth-colored brackets to create the illusion of clear braces for a subtle appearance. Patients often wear matching ligatures but could choose colorful elastics for a neon-like pop of color. Foley Orthodontics is excited to offer LightForce ceramic braces.
  • Invisalign: For a removable orthodontic appliance, we offer Invisalign and Invisalign for Teens. These clear aligners are custom-made using advanced technology for a fit so snug and comfortable that most people won’t even realize you are wearing them! Invisalign offers patients the ability to achieve their smile goals with 0 food restrictions and low maintenance. However, Invisalign requires some commitment from the user to wear the removable appliances for twenty-two hours a day.
  • InBraces: Some patients do not want the responsibility of having to wear clear aligners, but ceramic braces are still much too visible for them. InBraces has created hidden, fixed metal braces that sit behind the teeth — no one will know you are in treatment! The appliance uses its personalized Smartwire technology to move your teeth automatically by applying continuous, gentle force as prescribed by your orthodontist.

There are also attachment options, such as spacers, temporary anchorage devices, rubber bands, and more, but they’re not needed for everyone or available for all treatment types.

Advanced technology for up-to-date care.

Foley Orthodontics prides itself on giving our patients a comfortable, easy experience with top-of-the-line advanced technology. Using a small wand to take scans of your teeth and gums, we are able to generate a 3D digital model of your mouth! The scans supply Dr. Foley with more information than the traditional mold impressions, allowing him to spot current or potential issues before treatment begins! Dr. Foley can then use the 3D model to accurately and efficiently plan your treatment program. Invisalign patients can even see a representation of their predicted final look!

Our ceramic braces provider, LightForce, custom-makes each bracket for each of your unique teeth for a more comfortable feel and better fit using 3D printing technology. The company produces white and translucent brackets, so patients can pick which aesthetic they prefer. With LightForce, patients experience less divergence (the bracket separating from the tooth) and higher straightening accuracy.

Even the wiring in our braces is advanced! The NiTi metal blend forms shape memory wires that apply continuous force onto the teeth to move them. This technology shifts your teeth quicker and produces less discomfort for patients than traditional wires.

Virtual offices or programs often require you to do DIY services or use older technology from home. This process means they could miss vital information crucial for safe and efficient care.

Flexible finances for every situation.

The relationship we build together allows us to make certain every aspect of your treatment is personalized and beneficial for you and your lifestyle, including payment!

We know that a large part of the decision-making process includes the questions, “How much does this cost?” and “Can I afford this?” We believe finances should not stop you from getting the healthcare you need. Our dedicated team is passionate about ensuring you get the most out of your insurance benefits. We can help you fill out any paperwork, answer any questions, and even file your claim! Because we are in-network with so many insurance companies, we have plenty of experience to help you navigate the world of insurance no matter what company you have!

If there is a remaining balance after your insurance benefits are applied, don’t worry! We have flexible payment plans and are willing to work with you to find a solution that works! Our team is always available to answer questions or provide guidance, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why see an orthodontist near me?Visit Foley Orthodontics to find out more!

Ready to discover what treatment option is right for you? Want to learn more about who we are and what we offer before committing? Schedule a free consultation with our knowledgeable staff today to get more information or begin your orthodontic journey! Dr. Foley has unmatched experience and an incredible team alongside him. Together, they can provide you with a fantastic treatment experience. We look forward to meeting you, Cary!